Common Injection plastic Machine Selection Mistakes and Their Consequences

Common Injection plastic Machine Selection Mistakes and Their Consequences

When you do not choose the right plastic injection molding machine, it can have dire consequences for your business. The best way to avoid this is to know what not to do when choosing a machine. Here are the main mistakes that business owners often make when buying used injection moulding machines.

Injection plastic Machine Selection Mistakes

Mistake #1: Purchasing Used Machines that are Faulty

When companies refurbish an injection moulding machine for resale, they do not always ensure that it works. Even machines that work may have flaws. This is the reason it is critical to choose an injection machine that has passed tests and inspections, prior to having it delivered to your factory. The critical problem, in this case, is the loss of production if the machine breaks down or does not function at all.

Mistake #2: Choosing wrong Screws

The obvious advantage of choosing general purpose screws is their compatibility with the majority of plastic materials. This is great if your company has more than one type of material that you mold. Unfortunately, this can also cause lower productivity rates if you use just one plastic material.

Mistake #3: Choosing Screws with Large Diameters

When you choose screws with a large diameter, it can cause a number of problems because of material degradation. This happens in two ways. First, it takes longer for the plastic material to heat up, which can cause material degradation and slow down your mold manufacturing process. The force to rotate these screws is also greater, which causes degradation.

Mistake #4: Low Clamp Tonnage

When clamp tonnage is inadequate to the plastic molds, the quality of the products you produced is going to be significantly lower. It is likely that you will have problems such as:

  • Short shots
  • Poor surface finish
  • Wall section variation
  • Size variation
  • Inconsistent weights

Another disadvantage is that the wear and tear on molds and the machine are going to be greater than it would with adequate clamp tonnage.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Machine with Limited Injection Pressure

It is not possible to make quality parts in a consistent manner if your manufacturing process has certain restrictions. For this reason, you will need a machine with adequate injection pressure. When the right amount of pressure is not used, it can result in short, low-quality products. This mistake also goes back to choosing the right screw diameter for your machine, because it often determines the amount of pressure that your machine can use.

One of the best things you can do for your company is choosing a quality used plastic injection molding machine. To avoid making critical mistakes such as the ones on this list, it is essential that you know what not to do as you are choosing your machine. Be aware of these common mistakes and what they can cost your company to avoid choosing a machine that will harm your business’ operation.

With our experience with plastic molds, plastic machines, and plastic products we can advise you which machine is best for your factory, depending on your plastic molds. You are more than welcome to consult with us.

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