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Starmould has supplied refurbished injection and blow moulds to customers worldwide for over 30 years. To ensure customers’ full satisfaction, all moulds are of high quality and in good working condition. Most of the moulds were made in European countries, such as Portugal and Italy.

All moulds offered are Starmould’s property and are located in its factory in Israel. Before shipment, each mould sold is tested, repaired, polished or adjusted if necessary, and then tested again to ensure its good working condition. Customers are invited to witness the last mould test in person, or, alternatively, receive a sample of the last mould test together with a picture of the open mould, for final approval before dispatch of the mould.

Moulds with higher value can be sent on loan for temporary production in a customer’s factory, enabling the customer to use these moulds for a fixed period of time, against payment of a rental fee, to check out his market, and then decide if he wishes to purchase the moulds, or send them back after the rental period.

Prices of our stock of over 3000 injection moulds and a few hundred blow moulds, are very reasonable, and the added advantage of immediate delivery, makes it a worthwhile investment to purchase or rent Starmould’s moulds.

In order to promote the sale of its moulds, Starmould participates in many international trade fairs, organizes ( onsite ) auctions, and from time to time offers special deals on its website.

In addition to moulds, Starmould also has various injection moulding machines for sale, part of these are working in its factory, where customers can come view them, and receive expert advice from Starmould’s technical staff.

Starmould is looking forward to continue serving its customers by selling good quality moulds and machines, at excellent delivery times and sharp prices, to satisfied customers the world over.

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