How can I be sure that the moulds purchased from Starmould are in good working order?

When selling moulds, Starmould tests the moulds on its machines. If the moulds need repair, polishing or adapting, this is done in Starmould’s mould workshop. When the moulds come out of the mould workshop, they are tested again to make sure the moulds are in perfect working condition. The client is invited to be present in our factory to witness the test, and if the client does not come, Starmould can send to the client a video and samples of the last moulds tests. After receipt of client’s final approval, the moulds are shipped.

What are the delivery terms for moulds purchased?

Delivery terms are FOB port of Haifa, but the logistics department can arrange for sea transport to client’s port of destination, offering the client sure and safe transportation at the best possible rate.
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How long after order confirmation can I expect to receive moulds purchased?

After receipt of order confirmation with down payment or letter of credit, it takes between 3-4 weeks before moulds purchased are ready for shipment. This period can be shorter as well, depending on how many moulds are purchased for delivery at the same time, and the work needed to be done to get the moulds purchased in optimal condition.

How long has Starmould been selling used moulds?

We have experience in this field for over 30 years, selling injection and blow moulds to clients all over the world.

If I am interested in a mould, are samples available?

Yes, Starmould has samples available of over 95% of the moulds it offers, and if Starmould has run out of samples, fresh samples will be produced and sent to the customer interested in purchase of the moulds.

What is the origin of the moulds Starplast offers for sale and/or rent?

More than 90% of Starmould’s moulds are of European origin, mostly from Portugal and Italy, with a sprinkling of moulds from Germany, England, Belgium etc.

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