5 Things You Need to Know Before You Ask for a Plastic Injection Molding Quote

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Ask for a Plastic Injection Molding Quote

Plastic Injection Molding QuoteA custom plastic injection molder can easily prepare a plastic injection molding quote basing on the CAD drawing or even on a two-dimensional or hand drawing, but it is still possible that you will spend for unnecessary items if you will not give them beforehand the information you need to see in the quote. Most molders search for these things from a customer who asks for new or used plastic injection molding quote: drawing, preferred material, application, quantities and secondary operations.

Drawing – You may think that an experienced molder should already know what product developer like you will typically ask – even without the drawing. However, it is still essential to provide a drawing because your description of the part may not be the same as what you or the molder imagines it to be. Your words can be interpreted differently. The small details that you believe to be not-so-important may result in significant differences in the cost of the plastic molds or the used plastic molds.

Preferred Material – The plastic injection molding company should already know the material that you prefer instead of giving you a plastic injection molding quote and finding out later on that it does not have the suitable properties for your particular product. That’s a waste of time already. Are you aware that there are more than 80,000 grades of plastic today? If the plastic costs between $1 and $5 per lb, you can be sure that it refers to the generally used grades. If it costs more than $40 per lb, then it is definite that the plastic grade is highly engineered. Remember, you should be able to know the right material for your product to avoid over-engineering and over-spending.

Application – You should not forget to tell the plastic injection molder the purpose or use of your product for better understanding. Is it recommended for outdoors? Will it be subjected to impact? By providing information about the application, the molding company may even offer a suggestion on the type of material that best suits your product – in case it deems that you need a recommendation.

Quantities – This data is very significant to the molder and to you as well. By giving the estimated number of parts you anticipate to produce each year, the molding company will know the number of cavities that it will build into the plastic mold. If the numbers are high, the molder may suggest using tough stool steel to enable long-life for the mold.

Secondary Operations – Are you scouting for other services? Then inform the molder beforehand so it can include these in the plastic injection molding quote. For instance, you prefer to have a printing on the part or the parts have to be assembled. You should also ask them if the molder can place the part in a package. You may end up being given a discount because you have hired the molding company not only for the plastic injection molding but also for the other services.

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