How Does STARmould Repair Moulds?

  • Starmould tests each and every mould sold on the machines in its factory. After testing, the samples produced are evaluated by Starmould’s technical staff. According to the condition of the mould, it is decided how to proceed.
  • If the mould has some flash, this will be removed in Starmould’s mould workshop. If the sample produced does not have a smooth surface, the mould will be polished anew. If one or other part of the mould does not function perfectly well, the necessary repairs are made.
  • When the technical staff is completely satisfied with the work of the mould workshop, the mould is tested again. Customers are always invited to come to our factory and witness the last test of the moulds purchased, and to receive the final samples for approval.
  • If a customer does not come to our factory to be present at the last mould test, a video is made of the test, and samples of the last test can be sent to the customer for final approval before shipment of the mould(s).
Repair Moulds

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