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The most widely used manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic products is the plastic injection molding. This is due to the many products that the process can produce, and these products can vary according to their size, intricacy, and application. This process starts by melting the plastic in a hot ... Read More
July 19, 2022green


Plastic moulds, categorized into two primary types (cold runner and hot runner) are the beginning of each plastic piece you see. If you have zero knowledge about these two types, your plastic injection molder should be able to give you information that will allow you to understand cold runner moulds ... Read More
June 15, 2022green


Looking at buying a few plastic molds? It may seem like there are countless options out there but for working quality that won't break the bank, buying a second hand mold is really the best way to go. Not only are these molds tried and tested to produce every time, ... Read More
May 1, 2022green


When purchasing used plastic injection molds, there are different issues that you need to be aware of to minimize the production issues that are associated with using the used molds. Potential production issues with the used molds include bad part quality, slower cycle times, molding lower than full cavitation, as ... Read More
April 23, 2022green


Today’s modern civilization is built largely on a few key materials, namely, stone, wood, metal and plastic. Although wood, stone and metals are very important in modern society, one material has been dominating our modern lifestyle: levitra online europe plastic. As a plastic injection moulder, we appreciate our trade and ... Read More
January 5, 2022green


As in any manufacturing process, a custom plastic injection molding is a complicated, detail-driven and tedious project. As early as in the planning stage, there are a few important considerations to think of.  These would need to be laid out in as much detail as possible. This is to ensure ... Read More
October 1, 2021green


Have you ever thought about how useful plastic is in the manufacturing world? With the use of plastic molds, it can be turned into almost any shape. It can be used as item components, whole items, and even to package materials into containers for sale. In order to make wise ... Read More
August 22, 2021green


Plastic injection molding is an efficient method of creating components and parts of plastic. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used to produce plastic components and parts wherein a heated material is injected into a specific mold. The molds are made of specific designs that are usually personally ... Read More
July 19, 2021green


A custom plastic injection molder can easily prepare a plastic injection molding quote basing on the CAD drawing or even on a two-dimensional or hand drawing, but it is still possible that you will spend for unnecessary items if you will not give them beforehand the information you need to ... Read More
June 6, 2021green


Molds that have been built with corrosion resistant technology often have a much longer life. It able to come into contact with the plastics and water during the production without suffering from corrosive damages. This is a quality that is very important to look for in used plastic injection molds. Before ... Read More
May 15, 2021green
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